Economics related uploads

Tips, book list, strategies, answer writing tips and mock test paper answer copies have been uploaded for Economics Paper 1 and Economics Paper 2. Notes will be attached in due course. 


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    1. ऐसा क्यों किया sir

  2. Sir, Sorry for disturbing you in your training but I am unable to find any link of answer copies in this blog and since the mains examination is very near, it will be a great help for us if you upload your notes and answer copies as quick as possible.

  3. Hello sir, Congratulations.. we aren't able to find any attached files/document containing booklist, strategy.. or notes. Kindly upload. Waiting for it.

  4. Sir please please please provide notes on game theory ... I m getting so much confused about it

  5. SIr,,
    I am unable to read your hand written notes in Economics because of low vision. also I can not read physical books and very sloww t0 read whole econonics books. But very motivated to go for UPSC.
    Can you suggest any some other topper's notes or other digital materials on economics?
    Thank you for your GS Onenote e-notes.

  6. Kindly clarify
    When question asked about "high capital mobility" then what we should it perfect capital mobility or imperfect capital mobility (because imperfect can also mean ki...bp schedule is steeper or flatter than lm curve)

  7. Optional 2018 question 4 b...
    In an open economy with high capital mobility, monetary management can be successful tool to increase output . elucidate.
    Kindly clarify high capital mobility is same as perfect capital mobility..and if we take high not perfect then...bp schedule has two cases
    1 when bp flat than lm
    2 when bp steep than lm
    So how to attempt this question


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